Mental Health Treatment

mental health treatment

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

Why Mental Health Treatment?

The need for mental health treatment in rehab stems from the relationship between addictive chemicals and the brain. Drugs and alcohol affect our brain chemistry through their impact on our brain’s reward center. As substance abuse sets off our dopamine receptors, we become addicted to the resultant feeling of euphoria. This worsens over time, as our brain eventually develops a tolerance to dopamine.

Not only do we require our drug of choice in higher doses to achieve the same feeling, but we also find ourselves becoming more numb to other sources of pleasure such as good food or quality time with friends and family. We also suffer alterations to the neural pathways that govern learning, memory, and sound judgment. Due to these changes in our brain chemistry, addicts and alcoholics require quality treatment for mental health.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Aside from the effects of drugs and alcohol, many addicts and alcoholics also suffer from co-occurring disorders. They may include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and more. Many addicts begin using drugs in an attempt to self-medicate these issues. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over half of addicts and alcoholics with co-occurring disorders receive no treatments.

While addicts may feel less anxious or depressed while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, prolonged substance abuse often does more to exacerbate these underlying disorders than to heal them. For this reason, mental health treatment for drug addicts and alcoholics generally treats these issues alongside the addiction itself through a process called dual diagnosis rehabilitation. Treating one while neglecting the other would only serve to increase the chances of relapse if the patient later feels the need to begin self-medicating again.

The Value of Behavioral Therapy

The preferred form of therapy for many addiction treatment centers is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This form of treatment looks not only at the patient’s behaviors, but also the reasons behind them. Therapy allows addicts and alcoholics to not only accept their condition but also to look at why they began using in the first place.

When co-occurring disorders are involved, therapy and mental health treatment at a facility such as Aspire Treatment Center can help addicts and alcoholics to see the link between their addiction and their other mental health issues. In this way, treatment of both conditions is ensured by allowing the patient to see themselves objectively as a person rather than as a collection of neuroses. This allows them to see the humanity underlying their disease, and to determine healthy behaviors that will allow them to move on and create a better life for themselves while minimizing the risk of relapse.

Improved quality of life

Improved quality of life is the right for every being. A person battling mental health issues will have an inferior quality of life which rapidly deteriorates with time. Seeking treatments will make life manageable and will offer an improved quality of life along with other benefits. Self-harm is the most common result of mental health issues. Mental health treatment is therefore very crucial. 

In addition to these, mental health, treatment will also offer other physical health benefits like improved quality of sleep, improved immune system, and also helps in lowering the threshold of pains. 

However, people around the globe do not receive the requisite treatments. According to WHO, 76% to 85% of the population in the lower and middle-class countries do not receive treatments. The main reason behind this could be societal barriers or the inaccessibility of affordable treatments or medication. 

Medications such as Nootropics help to improve mental health along with improving the overall functionality of the brain. Moreover, Nootropics such as Armodafinil at a discounted price are available in HealthMatter. People suffering from mental health can easily access Armodafinil from HealthMatter. Customers require no prior prescription and can receive numerous other offers and benefits. 


The information provided in this blog has been collected from numerous reliable sources. We at HealthMatter do not claim any authority over the information. Moreover, before administering any medications and supplements mentioned here, prior suggestions should be taken from health experts. 

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