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HealthMatter is one of the most trusted online pharmacies, dispensing high-quality nootropics like Modafinil (brand versions Modalert and Modvigil) and Armodafinil (brand versions Waklert and Artvigil) worldwide.

Nootropics, also called cognitive enhancers, are a group of medications that some people use to increase mental alertness, improve memory and concentration, and boost energy levels, as well as wakefulness.

about healthmatter
At HealthMatter, we help you effortlessly manage your health. With just a few clicks, you can order nootropics at reasonable prices.

our historyHistory

Established in 2019, HealthMatter was started with the single-minded goal of ensuring protection from fake nootropics and providing consumers with round-the-clock access to high-quality nootropics.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown allowed HealthMatter to play a pivotal role in healthcare by improving 24x7 access to nootropics.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on the mental health of people. This was when a significant improvement was seen in patients incorporating Nootropics into their health plan.

Despite the challenges initially caused by the disruption in supply chains and issues related to manpower, HealthMatter was able to come back into action within a short period - addressing the concerns of patients and making nootropics available on time.

We are proud to say that even after the COVID situation has improved worldwide, we are still at your service, offering affordable nootropics and healthcare services to your doorstep.

our visoinOur Vision

HealthMatter's vision is to touch a billion lives, and we are committed to the achievement and maintenance of research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.


Some of the reasons that could lead to the skipping of nootropics could be a lack of parking, monsoons, shop closures, forgetfulness, and heavy traffic. Since taking medicines regularly is an important component of managing medical conditions, it's always better not to run out of essential drugs.

Just log in to healthmatter. co, place your order, and have your nootropics delivered to you at your doorstep.

What's more? HealthMatter offers easy access to well-grounded drug information so you can learn all about your medicine. Once you're a customer, you'll also receive regular refill reminders so that you never run out of your nootropics.


HealthMatter always works on trust. We are aware of the responsibility our customers place on us. We have always done and will always do everything possible to uphold this trust.


We believe in communicating openly and in full disclosure and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Meet Our Medical Writers

Jen Brown

Jen Brown

— Author —

Jennifer Brown is a Pharmacist with an M.Pharma degree from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She has a keen interest in chemistry and its potential in the pharmaceutical world. She has been associated with us for two years now and has worked towards the pharmacology of Nootropics and brain stimulants. She takes pride in learning and broadening her knowledge of the current research development on brain enhancers. She is an avid reader and is always eager to contribute to the medical world. She wishes to help people and all our readers find scientifically proven methods and advice for their everyday health problems. Jen Brown has also been a volunteer at UNICEF for the last 3 years. Linkedin

Email ID: [email protected]

Clark Stevens, Ph.D.

— Reviewer —

Clark Stevens is a valuable associate of HealthMatter. His thorough know-how of the field is an important asset in reviewing and weeding out any discrepancies in any of the published material. He is a neuroscientist with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Penn State College of Medicine. He has vast experience in the field of Neuroscience; more specifically on the effect of Nootropics on the brain and cognitive growth in an individual. Apart from being a neuroscientist, Clark keeps a keen interest in reading fiction and novels. Linkedin

Email ID: [email protected]

Jen Brown

Emily Parker

— Contributor —

Emily Parker is a Neuropharmacologist and has been associated with the study of the action of drugs and Nootropics on the CNS of the body. She graduated with Honors in Neurobiology from the prestigious UCLA and has a certified degree in blogging. Ever since she has been a regular contributor to many world-class journals pertaining to her field and gained a level of admiration from like-minded experts. Emily has been a consistent contributor to HealthMatter and her research is only ever-rising in quality and syncs up with the advancements made in Neuroscience. Linkedin

Email ID: [email protected]

Franco Cooper

— Editor —

Franco Cooper is the Chief Editor at HealthMatter. His impeccable research and vast experience are important assets in his toolbox of editorial duties. Franco has been a vocal speaker on the importance of mental health in the current world and has always made an effort to break down the taboos associated with mental well-being. Franco advocates the notion of mental health and physical well-being going hand-in-hand and leading us all to a new Renaissance of constant development and a Utopian society where ideas are discussed and flaws are overcome with a healthy attitude. It is worth mentioning that Franco is also a professional ballet dancer. Linkedin

Email ID: [email protected]

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Disclaimer: We do not provide any medical advice.

The contents of HealthMatter are for informational purpose only and is taken by a thorough evaluation of research papers and Journals. We do not provide professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. We advise all readers to consult a physician before consuming any medication mentioned on the website.