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Armodafinil - Uses, Side Effects, And More

Armodafinil - Uses, Side Effects, And More

Last updated on 13 May, 2024

Armodafinil is a eugeroic medication that is known for its various uses and benefits. The standard dosage of this nootropic is 150 mg. 

Apart from its uses and benefits, it has various side effects as well, which are usually mild most of the time and go away as the body gets used to it. 

Curious about Armodafinil? Then you’ve come to the right place

In this detailed Armodafinil blog, you’ll learn everything that you need to know about the potent nootropic. 

Here you’ll find what Armodafil is, what are its uses and benefits, side effects, and more.

Armodafinil - An Overview 

Armodafinil, available under various brand names such as Waklert, Artvigil, and Nuvigil, among others, is a prescription wakefulness-promoting agent and is the enantiopure compound of Modafinil.

Produced by the pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc., this nootropic was approved in the year 2007 by the United States Food And Drug Administration  [1]. 

The Working Mechanism Of Armodafinil

Armodafinil works by inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine by binding to the dopamine reuptake pump, which leads to an increased level of extracellular dopamine in some areas of the brain that results in wakefulness. 

Pharmacokinetic Profile -


Liver through various pathways, including CYP3A4

Elimination half-life 

12-15 hours


As metabolites in the urine.

How long Armodafinil stays in your system depends on the half-life of the medication. It is the time needed by the body to eliminate half of the administered dosage. 

The half-life of Armodafinil is 13 hours, and thus its effects last for 14 to 15 hours after administration. 

What Are The Benefits Of Armodafinil 

Armodafinil has various benefits, which is why it is also known as a ‘smart drug.’ Some of the benefits of the smart drug are given below - 

Increased wakefulness -

Armodafinil helps people to stay alert and awake with various sleep disorders causing extreme daytime drowsiness.

Enhances cognitive function-

Armodafinil has been shown to improve cognitive functions in domains like memory, learning, and problem-solving skills. 

Improves focus and concentration -

Many people report enhanced focus and concentration in tasks after taking the nootropic.

Increased productivity - 

By improving focus and wakefulness, Armodafinil can help people to be more efficient and productive in their everyday activities [2]. 

What Are The Uses Of Armodafinil?


Armodafinil is approved by the FDA to treat somnolence (sleepiness) associated with sleep disorders such as Narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and Shift work sleep disorder. 

Off-label Armodafinil Uses

Clinical trials have shown the use of Armodafinil for various off-label purposes 

  • It is used to treat ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • Taking Armodafinil dosage can treat chronic fatigue syndrome and major depressive disorder.

  • It can improve bipolar disorder as an adjunctive treatment option [1].

How To Take Armodafinil - Dosage Guidelines

Drugs can be dangerous if not taken properly, even though they’re meant to improve our health. 

Taking Armodafinil correctly and understanding the proper way to take it can reduce the risks of adverse events.

The standard or recommended Armodafinil dosage is 150 mg which is taken orally. 

Armodafinil For Narcolepsy

For Narcolepsy, Armodafinil is taken in the dosage strength of 150-250 mg orally in the morning. 

Armodafinil For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The recommended dosage of Armodafinil for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is 150-250 mg which is administered orally, usually in the morning.

Armodafinil For Shift Work Sleep Disorder 

To improve wakefulness in people with Shift work sleep disorder, the nootropic is taken in the dosage of 150 mg one hour prior to the start of work [3].

How To Take Armodafinil - Proper Way To Administer The Drug

  • Armodafinil should be taken orally.

  • The pills should be swallowed whole.

  • Do not chew, split or crush the nootropic.

  • Read the instructions written on the leaflet before taking the drug.

  • Take the medicine with water.

  • Check the expiry date of Armodafinil before taking it.

Potential Armodafinil Side Effects


Along with its needed effects, Armodafinil may cause some adverse reactions as well. Some of the side effects of this nootropic are as follows [4] -

Common side effects -

  • Upset stomach

  • Palpitations

  • Headache

  • Rash

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

  • Nervousness

  • Numbness and tingling

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • Diarrhea

  • Attention disturbances

  • Agitation

  • Excessive sweating

  • Insomnia

  • Dry mouth

  • Dizziness

  • Anxiety

Less Common Side Effects

  • Skin swelling 

  • Bronchospasm

  • Reversible psychosis

  • Difficulty swallowing

Serious Side Effects

  • Fast, pounding, irregular heartbeat

  • Mood changes ( depression, hallucination, depression, rare suicidal tendencies, agitation, confusion)

Warnings and Precautions - Things To Keep In Mind Before And While Taking The Drug

  • The intake of Armodafinil and alcohol together is not recommended since it can cause low blood pressure resulting into dizziness.

  • Pregnant women should not take Armodafinil without consulting their doctor.

  • Breastfeeding women should avoid taking Armodafinil because studies show that the medication might pass to the baby through the mother's milk. 

  • Intake of Armodafinil and Caffeine together should be limited because it can cause insomnia, irritability, nervousness, or other side effects.

  • As kidneys play an important role in the elimination process of the nootropic, therefore suffering from any kidney problems can result in the accumulation of the compound in the blood, causing adverse events. 

  • People with liver disease should use Armodafinil with caution.

  • While taking Armodafinil, be sure that you’re not allergic to any of its compounds. 

  • People below the age of 17 and above 65 years should consult a healthcare provider before taking Armodafinil pills.

Buying Armodafinil - Where To Buy It?

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Final Thoughts

We can conclude the blog Armodafinil - side effects, uses, and More by saying that Armodafinil is a very powerful nootropic available in the market today. It is easily available online and has various benefits and uses compared to other medications of the same class. 

Although there are a few side effects of this drug but the benefits of this nootropic, outweigh its risks.


Armodafinil is used in the treatment of Narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and shift work sleep disorder, and it has numerous off-label indications as well, such as it is used in the treatment of ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, major depressive disorder, and as an adjunctive treatment for bipolar disorder.

Yes, Armodafinil can be taken with food.

Before taking any medicine while taking Armodafinil, it is advised to talk to your doctor because Armodafinil, when interacted with other drugs, can cause side effects.

Armodafinil has a very low potential for addiction.

Armodafinil lasts for around 15 hours; however, the duration of Armodafinil depends on the metabolism of a person.

One of the side effects of Armodafinil is it cause loss of appetite which might sometime cause weight loss.


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