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Ultimate Guide To Urgent Care Visit Cost

Ultimate Guide To Urgent Care Visit Cost

Last updated on 02 Apr, 2024

Urgent Care is the center of treating illnesses that require treatment within 24 hours, even though they are not life-threatening. These are the affordable means of treatment as Urgent Care Prices are cheaper than Emergency room visits. However, it depends upon various factors like time, location, and service.

Urgent Care Centers are treatment centers that treat injuries or illnesses with proper care. The problems that require treatment within 24 hours are taken care of under these centers. This blog discusses Urgent Care Visit Costs and their affordability. It also enhances the fact that the prices differ depending on certain factors like Service, time, and location. This also states the coverage of your insurance plans.

What Is Urgent Care?

The centers that assist with problems that require treatment within 24 hours but are not life-threatening are called urgent care. These clinics are also called Walk-in clinics. The persons who are in need of a physician but don’t require any urgent treatments like the emergency rooms are helped put by Urgent Care Centers. Many urgent care clinics are open 25* 7*365. According to ehealthinsurance website, there will be 9000 urgent clinics in the year 2022 in the US (1).

When Should I Go To Urgent Care?

There is a list of conditions in which you can visit Urgent Care Service:

  1. If you feel that you need medical care.

  2. If your physician's office is closed.

Urgent Care visits suit you if you are suffering from certain medical issues. Some of them are listed below:

  • Some of the moderate symptoms of illness.

  • Some of the small wounds that need stitches

  • Some of the minor physical injuries.

Though these conditions might be cured with over-counter medication, Urgent Care costs are the most affordable ones (1).

What Services Do Urgent Care Centers Provide?

The centers are generally focused on diagnosing and treating minor injuries and illnesses which require treatment and proper care. These might include problems such as:

1. Ear infections

2. Sinus Infections

3. Symptoms that are related to allergies and asthma.

4. Viral infections.

5. Cuts and bruises

6. Bones that are broken and sprained.

Besides these, the centers also offer routine examinations. It performs lab work and also administers vaccinations. The centers also provide imaging and other tests. However, the Urgent Care prices are the best, with all the necessary facilities provided. The facilities include the use of modern equipment and a pharmacy (2).

How Much Does An Urgent Care Visit Cost?


Nowadays, Medical facilities have become a bit expensive. Before visiting any medical service or taking any medicines, everyone wants to know about the average cost. In the same way, before visiting Urgent Care, people also ask, “How much is a visit to Urgent Care?”According to the website Health, the average cost for an urgent care visit is $100-$150. The cost might vary depending on your insurance coverage. The prices decrease if you have insurance along with you. The prices also depend upon the type of treatment, medicines, and lab tests done.

Some of the average costs taken from the most 9 common reasons to visit Urgent Care according to the website debt manager are:

  • Acute bronchitis $127

  • Pink Eye $102

  • Allergies $97

  • Strep throat $ 111

  • Urinary Tract Infection $112

  • Respiratory infection in the upper part $111

  • Sinusitis $112 (3).

What Factors Affect The Urgent Care Prices?

The geographical location of the urgent care clinic can affect the cost of urgent care immensely. The rental rate in popular areas going through the roof can affect the financial returns significantly.

Clinics Must Have a Steady Flow of Patients

Urgent care clinics must take these factors seriously to ensure a stable and sound financial situation in 2020. Every urgent care clinic needs a visit from a specific number of patients every day to cover and maintain the basic cost of running the business without a break. So every single patient matters. Patients can only be satisfied by providing the highest quality of service.

Do Urgent Care Centers Accept Insurance?

Affordable Care Act passed in 2010 requires compliant health plans to provide coverage for emergency services. There also lie many differences between urgent care and Emergency services. Urgent Care Centers are cheaper as compared to emergency services. It becomes a little cheaper when it has insurance coverage (5).

Urgent care clinics provide treatment even if the patient is not insured. An uninsured urgent care clinic typically costs less compared to an ER visit for those uninsured.

Other Cheap Options To Buy Medications

Medications are available at online pharmacies at an affordable cost. Persons with or without insurance can get medications at online pharmacies. One of the cheapest options to buy medications is HealthMatter, apart from urgent care clinics.

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Our Final Thoughts on Urgent Care Cost Visits

Urgent Care costs are the cheaper form of treatment centers compared to emergency visits. The issues or illnesses that are not life-threatening but need proper treatment within 24 hours are taken into account under Urgent Care Centers. When you have insurance coverage, Urgent Care costs decrease as per the severity of the disease. It depends upon the lab techniques and equipment used in the complexity of the treatment.


Most urgent care clinics offer treatments that are not life-threatening. Some of these are

  • Cold and flu

  • Allergic reactions

  • Cuts, burns, and insect or animal bites

  • Ear infection

  • Strains, sprains, and broken bone

Services include blood tests, pregnancy tests, x-rays, STD tests, etc.

Urgent care visits are significantly more accessible as they do not need an appointment. You can walk in into the clinic to get treatment. There are some health conditions for which one can visit urgent care clinic. These include

  • Backache

  • Muscle or joint pains

  • Earache

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Bronchitis

Urgent care is a cheaper option for any healthcare treatment or service. However, be sure of the following things to save money.

  • Always visit an urgent care clinic where insurance is accepted.

  • Ask if labwork testing is cheaper outside.

  • If you can wait to visit the doctor, ask if the scheduled appointment costs less.


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