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How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

Last updated on 28 Sep, 2022

Medical expenses can be very high. Not having insurance can make you think twice about visiting for medical aid. If you are also one of them, then don’t worry! There are solutions to cut off those high-priced medical services. Urgent care clinics are one-stop solutions to redeem medical expenses with or without insurance.

Urgent care clinics aim to offer treatment to everyone and will help you find a financial solution even if you are uninsured. Now the question is - how much is urgent care without insurance? 

Most people assume that because of the added convenience of urgent care, it will cost them more than a trip to their local doctor or ER (Emergency Room). However, the opposite is true – an urgent care clinic often costs you less than a doctor’s or ER visit. It makes it an ideal option for those wanting fast and affordable treatment.


Urgent care costs without insurance

Urgent care cost is much less than the fees commonly charged by a hospital emergency room. On top of this, urgent care centers are more easily able to negotiate with uninsured patients when it comes to payment options.

So how much is urgent care without insurance? It depends mainly on the circumstances and the type of treatment. The minor treatments range from $80 to $280, and in the case of complex treatments, it costs between $140 to $440. But one can effectively cut down on these additional medication prices by choosing Healthmatter. People without insurance can purchase medication with other discounts for more significant savings and benefits. Healthmatter is a leading pharmacy for Nootropics, and Armodafinil 150 mg is one of the most recommended Nootropics by doctors. The Armodafinil price without insurance at Healthmatter is $1.60 per pill. This price is further reduced with additional offers on your first order. 

Factors that impact the cost of urgent care visit

Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance

The actual cost of an urgent care visit is not a fixed value. Urgent care costs may differ if you require any additional services or resources. These are some of the factors that may influence the urgent care visit cost:


Urgent care clinics tend to provide different levels of treatments and services. Basic level treatments require fewer visits to the clinic, costing you less than the advanced level treatment, which requires more visits to the doctor and advanced treatments. 
Viral infections like cold and flu come under the basic level, and injuries that need x-ray, injections, and medication come under the advanced level. Minor surgeries, ultrasounds, etc., will also come under the advanced level at a high cost. 


All clinics charge each time you visit, regardless of the treatment. The estimated cost for one visit is between $100 to $200. The more you see the clinic, the more you need to pay, including the service charge. 


There will be a change in the cost of an urgent care visit if the location differs. The place of the clinic impacts the cost of the treatment. The urgent care provider supply and demand influence how much the cost will be. 

You can usually ask for an itemized bill and may be able to negotiate specific treatment options.

Negotiating payment without insurance

Paying for treatment without insurance can be difficult. Most people cannot afford such significant out-of-pocket expenses and may feel they have no option but to take out a loan. However, loans need not be the only option. Urgent care facilities may be able to help you find another form of payment.


By contacting the urgent care clinic in advance, they may be able to guide you through the various payment options. It is another significant benefit that urgent care has.


How to reduce urgent care costs without insurance

Taking care of yourself regularly and seeking medical help in case of poor health condition is good. But do you really need to visit an urgent care for any minor health issues? This question may confuse you about whether it is good to see the doctor or not if you are feeling low. If you want to get rid of those extra medical bills which seem to be unnecessary, then it is best to contact the clinic before walk-in. Call, message or email are the easy ways to contact the provider to ask questions. 


Many urgent care clinics provide offers and special discounts to uninsured patients. You can ask them if they are up for any such offers. Nowadays, telemedicine appointments help lower the cost of visiting the clinic. Ask if your health issue can be addressed in such a way or not. 


It is always a good idea to question the provider before visiting. You can ask them more questions like visiting fee, any additional charge, need for tests and cost for the test, need to be done x-ray and the cost for that, etc. 


When to visit an urgent care clinic?

when to visit an urgent care clinic

Urgent care clinics tend to only deal with minor injuries and ailments. Treatments that are urgent but may not need emergency concern. However, you may be sent to a hospital emergency room or local doctor if more severe treatment is required. Conditions that are often treated by urgent care clinics include-


  • Cuts and burns
  • Cold, fever, and cough
  • Allergy
  • Ear infection
  • Sprains

Some lab tests are also done at urgent care. Those includes:

  • Pregnancy tests
  • STD tests
  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Flu and Strep tests

Why an urgent care visit is a good option?

A lot of people that are uninsured delay getting medical treatment when they need it. It can result in minor injuries and ailments turning into severe conditions. Once these conditions get serious, a trip to ER could be unavoidable. In such cases, treatment costs are likely to be much more significant.


Visiting an urgent care clinic when you need treatment could save you money in the long run, but more importantly, it could prevent any serious health problems.

Urgent care clinics operate on a walk-in basis, so you don’t have to book an appointment earlier. It allows you to choose the visiting time best suited to you. Thus, to avoid health risks and medical service costs, visit urgent care clinic.













You can go to the ER if the health condition is severe and needs immediate treatment. But you don’t need to visit the ER in case of a minor injury or illness. In such a matter, you can visit the urgent care clinic.

Urgent care is a need for medical aid that is urgent but is not life-threatening. Minor illnesses and injuries are treated in urgent care clinics. On the other hand, emergency rooms are for life-threatening health issues that need immediate treatment.

Urgent care clinics are way cheaper than emergency rooms. The estimated cost for an emergency room visit is almost $2000, whereas an urgent care visit starts at $80.


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