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How can uninsured people get a Walmart pharmacy discount?

How can uninsured people get a Walmart pharmacy discount?

Last updated on 28 Sep, 2022

The cost of healthcare and medicines is skyrocketing. According to Investopedia, the United States of America spent about 3.8 trillion on healthcare in 2019, which is very high. They spend a lot on healthcare in comparison to other people every year. It can be hard to pay such a huge amount yearly for proper medication and health services. In that matter, the Walmart pharmacy card can be beneficial for accessing medicine and health services at an affordable rate.

Most people choose an insurance policy to cover their monthly medication bills to save on healthcare expenses. However, for uninsured people, it can cost more. So, several people choose to have pharmacy coupons at Walmart to get medications on a pocket-friendly budget. People who do not have easy access to Walmart Pharmacy can get prescription drugs at the best price from Healthmatter. So, let us better understand how one can choose Walmart to buy prescription medications without insurance.


Walmart pharmacy card for ordering prescription medications without health insurance


Walmart pharmacy card


Walmart is a company that provides merchandise and services at an affordable price. It is the nation’s largest retailer and has numerous pharmacy chains working with it to ensure the best customer services and products for all people. So, people can choose Walmart Pharmacy cards to avail of various benefits on purchases.

It is not mandatory to have any form of health insurance to avail of the discounts and benefits of these cards. These cards work for everyone and work in all pharmacies across the USA. These are very productive and helpful for users to save money on purchasing their generic drugs.

There are some benefits of using the Walmart prescription discount card:

  • One can use the Walmart prescription discount card multiple times, and it does not expire.

  • The card will help you avail of an 80% discount on your generic medications.

  • There are no hidden charges and policies with these coupon cards.

  • Using these coupon cards does not have to pay any fee.

So, overcome your illness at lower costs with these amazing Walmart discount cards. Get your discount cards today to enjoy buying medicines at a cheap.


How to use the Walmart pharmacy discount card?

The use of Walmart discount cards is effortless and hassle-free. The following steps will help you avail discounts on your needed medications and get them at a meager cost. So, if you do not have any other health plan, choose Walmart pharmacy discount cards today.


Compare prices by pharmacy

Numerous pharmacies are associated with Walmart, from where you can get your medications at a discount. So, the first step would be to search the pharmacies and choose the right one. Then compare your brand name and generic drug prices to decide.



Get your free coupon card

Once you have chosen the pharmacy and the medication you wish to purchase, you can use your Walmart discount card. You can email, print, or text your discount prescription card to get the offer price on the medications.



Save up to 80% on your prescription medication

Finally, when you visit Walmart to buy your medication, present your discount card to the pharmacist at the counter to get the medicine at a low cost.

For additional Walmart pharmacy discounts, you can also try the other discount coupons available at Walmart.


Why choose Healthmatter over Walmart pharmacy to buy medications?


Walmart pharmacy card


Healthmatter is a leading online pharmacy that retails medicines at affordable prices and offers the same. It is not associated with Walmart Pharmacy. Some advantages of choosing Healthmatter over Walmart pharmacy cards are:

  • Unlike Walmart pharmacy, you do not need a valid prescription to buy medicines from Healthmatter. 

  • The offers at Healthmatter apply to all medications, unlike Walmart pharmacy. As Walmart offers discounts for specific prescription drugs.

  • Healthmatter provides the most recommended mood enhancer medications, such as Modalert 200mg, which is not available at Walmart pharmacy. 



Yes, the use of Walmart gift card can be used for buying medicines. However, they cannot be used for medications that are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal healthcare programs.

Yes, you can. It is an easy process. Just call or visit your local Walmart pharmacy along with your prescriptions. They will transfer it within 24 to 48 hours to another Walmart pharmacy.

Firstly, submit a prescription to the Walmart pharmacy or transfer the current prescription to the Walmart pharmacy. After that, take your prescription from the same Walmart pharmacy location. Finally, you can create an online pharmacy account when you get your first Walmart prescription.


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