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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Last updated on 28 Sep, 2022

Prescription drug addiction usually begins in one of three ways. It often starts with legitimate use of prescribed medication that spins out of control until the user requires a prescription drug addiction treatment program. Commonly abused prescription medications tend to fall into one of several classes, including:

  • Opioids

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Barbiturates

  • Sedatives

  • Stimulants

In the case of opioid addiction, the patient usually receives their first prescription after surgery or treatment for chronic pain. However, those who abuse stimulants or central nervous system depressants often begin by seeking treatment for various conditions, from mood disorders to sleep disorders. As for illegitimate users, many acquire their drugs through a friend, family member, or drug dealer. Moreover, many medical professionals take prescription drugs after diverting inventory from work. No matter how the drugs are acquired, their use often persists until a prescription drug addiction treatment program becomes necessary.

Prescription Drug Addiction- An overview

Prescription drug abuse means misusing prescribed medications. About 6% of the total population in the USA takes prescription medications for non-medical reasons. Improper administration or abusing medicines for non-medical purposes can cause addiction and other serious consequences.

Symptoms and health risks of Prescription Drug Addiction

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

Due to the vast array of prescription drugs available, side effects may vary. For instance, those who overuse depressants may experience respiratory issues, reduced heart rate, or loss of consciousness that sometimes results in a coma. However, stimulants can lead to hyperactivity, increased blood pressure, sleep disruptions, erratic behavior, hallucinations, and seizures. Moreover, opioid addiction rates have risen dramatically in recent years and may lead to respiratory depression, nausea, anxiety, mood swings, and severely debilitating withdrawal symptoms.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 16416 from 2019 to 2020 reported death due to prescription drug overdose. 

Mixing drugs

Mixing drug types increases the risk of side effects and often leads to a greater chance of overdose. Prescription drug addiction treatment program is advisable in such cases that includes medical detoxification as the first step.

Graduating to Harder Substances

Another common danger of prescription drug addiction is graduation to more complex substances. Opioid addicts find themselves especially at risk, as the loss of a prescription may lead to the illicit use of heroin, fentanyl, or other drugs commonly found on the street. Many drugs are laced with dangerous substances such as carfentanil, increasing the risk of death by overdose. Those struggling with dependence should seek prescription drug addiction rehabilitation immediately. Withdrawal symptoms can be hazardous, leading to complications if you attempt to quit alone.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment &Therapy

Along with group and individual rehabilitation for every prescription drug addiction treatment, the following options are very effective.

Detox therapy-

It will be particularly rough for opioid users. Within the first 24 hours, addicts will often begin experiencing muscle aches, irritability, insomnia, and restlessness. Cramps often worsen after the first day, even many experience vomiting, diarrhea, and increased blood pressure. Awful cases of withdrawal also include seizures and digestive complications.

Other conjugational therapy-

These include cognitive-behavioral therapy, support group meetings, addiction education, and holistic care. Patients suffering from chronic discomforts or mood disorders might require non-addictive medications to replace their substance addiction, although holistic pain management options have gained popularity.

Use of Nootropics-

Using Modalert 200mg is a very effective prescription drug addiction treatment method. The medical use of Nootropics is accepted and approved by the FDA and shows a very low tendency to cause addiction in users. The common challenge that a patient faces after coming home from a prescription drug abuse treatment center is

  • Relapse from lack of dedication 

  • Urge to get back to their old habits 

  • Fatigue 

  • Mood swings 

The symptoms mentioned above are easily manageable with Modalert 200mg. The Nootropic helps in improving the focus and mood of the user. Modalert reduces the chances of relapse and keeps away the inclination toward returning to their addiction. The best online pharmacy for Modafinil 200mg is Healthmatter. We provide assured offers and discounts on all orders with express delivery. 


Detoxification is the process of elimination of drugs from the body. It is the prior process towards achieving addiction recovery. Detoxification helps the body to accept treatments and avoid withdrawals.

Seek medical help from a professional counselor and addiction specialist. According to the extent of the habit, treatment instructions are advisable.

The prescription drug is addictive as they localize and alters the brain's reward center, which is responsible for causing dependence.


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