Online games to play to fight Alzheimer’s

fight Alzheimer's

We all know how important is the brain for maintaining the proper body functioning of the person. So, for us to work and function well having a healthy and working brain is very important. However, there are a number of conditions that can affect the normal working of the person. One of the most common conditions among them all is Alzheimer’s. And if we do not fight Alzheimer’s on time, over time we will end up losing our self to the disorder. So, far there is no absolute treatment for this condition. No medicine can fight Alzheimer hundred percent. But the condition can be made better and the process can be slowed down.

So, how can we fight Alzheimer right? There are a number of medications that can help you slow down the process. But over time the conventional ways stops making any difference. So, one of the best ways to fight Alzheimer’s is by taking the right Artvigil dosage. This smart drug works by acting on the brain thus helping the person fight Alzheimer’s. Also, along with taking the right Artvigil dosage, you can also fight Alzheimer’s by playing certain brain games. So, let us have a look at the right Artvigil dosage. And the games to play to fight Alzheimer’s.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a mental disorder that affects the memory, behavior and thinking ability of a person. The symptoms of this condition occur slowly and it worsens with time. Here are a few facts on the disorder that will help you fight Alzheimer better-

  • It is one of the most common factors that cause dementia in a person.
  • This condition accounts for about 60% to 80% of all the dementia cases.
  • It is important to fight Alzheimer’s as it is not a normal part of aging.
  • People suffering from Alzheimer’s initially face mild memory loss. But later in time, the person loses the ability to carry on a conversion.

So, to get back a normal lifestyle it is very important for the person to fight Alzheimer’s.

How Alzheimer affect the brain?

fight Alzheimer's

The brain has billions of cells. And each of these cells connects with one another to form a network. These groups of cells have special jobs. Some of them help in thinking, remembering and learning. They are also important for us to hear, smell and see. However, when a person suffers from Alzheimer’s, it prevents the parts of the cell from running well. So, how the issue starts is not very clear. But since they are work in a chain having an issue in one section will affect the other part too. Therefore, the damage spreads and the cell loses its ability to do their jobs.

Games to play to fight Alzheimer’s

There are many games that help a person improve the brain functioning of a person. This is therefore very helpful to fight Alzheimer in people-


fight Alzheimer's

This is a very effective game to help someone fight Alzheimer’s as it improves short-term memory. Playing Sudoku is a very easy game. All you need is to arrange a few numbers in a box. You can either play it on paper or online. This game is available in different difficulty levels. So, fight Alzheimer’s by playing Sudoku.


Happy Neurons

fight Alzheimer's

This is a website with games that acts on the different part of the brain. This is why playing this game helps a person fight Alzheimer’s. The games here act on five critical areas of the brain- memory, language, attention, visual area and executive functioning. They also offer a free trial so that you can see their approach.

My brain trainer

This game claims to be an online “brain gym”. This website is full of games, puzzle and many other challenges to help you improve your brain functioning. Therefore, helping a person fight Alzheimer’s. They also help to train the brain to improve the mental speed of the person.


fight Alzheimer's

They have the world’s largest collection of a brain teaser. This is a free website and provides more than 10,000 games and puzzles. if you wish you can also create your own puzzle. So, what another fun way to fight Alzheimer’s.


Queendom– this too is a free website that helps people. This website also has an extensive collection of brain tools that include quizzes, aptitude tests, and trivia. Playing these games helps you get better brain functioning.

So, download the games of your choice and fight Alzheimer’s right. Also, with playing the games mentioned here, take Artvigil dosage for better results. So, let us how the intake of the Artvigil dosage helps to fight Alzheimer’s.

The right Artvigil dosage to fight Alzheimer’s

fight Alzheimer's

Taking the right Artvigil dosage is very helpful to fight Alzheimer’s. It works on the brain of the person. The main problem that occurs in this disorder is the losing the memory. So, fight Alzheimer’s by taking the right Artvigil dosage as it is a very effective way to improve and enhance the cognitive function of the person. Therefore with Artvigil dosage fight Alzheimer’s by getting a better memory. This, therefore, slower down the degradation of brain functioning. So, taking Artvigil dosage is one of the best ways to fight Alzheimer’s.

The right Artvigil dosage that is recommended to all people to fight this disorder is Artvigil 150mg. This medication can be taken at all times of the day. So, take the right Artvigil dosage and also play the online games. This will slow down the process of aging of the brain in Alzheimer patients.


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