Non-12-Steps Programs

Non-12-Steps Programs

Last updated on 28 Sep, 2022

Drug and alcohol-addicted patients are familiar with the 12 step recovery program. However, this approach might not be effective and feasible for everyone as the base of this program is spirituality. An alternative to the 12 step recovery program that treats the root cause of addiction in a secular way is the non 12 step recovery program. This program has no restriction on spirituality or religion and hence provides a holistic treatment option for addiction. 

Non 12 step recovery program approach


The 12-step alternatives that provide comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment are

SMART Recovery

The most popular non religious 12 step program is SMART Recovery. While many understand the need for an abstinence-based program, not everyone prefers the spiritual approach of 12-step programs such as AA. SMART Recovery is a more scientific process, rooted less in tradition and more subject to change as new scientific research on addiction develops. This recovery program focus on four primary goals. 

  • This non 12 step drug rehab program helps in building motivation. 
  • SMART Recovery members learn to deal with their substance cravings. 
  • Focuses on maintaining behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. 
  • Help to live by the principle of balance. The key goal is to develop responsibility and self-control by utilizing methods rooted in behavior and cognition.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety

The Secular Organizations for Sobriety, SOS, is similar to SMART Recovery as it also focuses on scientific and psychological analysis of addiction. SOS offers some guidelines for maintaining recovery; they do so without utilizing a firm structure. This non 12 step rehab program encourages a cycle of 3 processes for sobriety. It consists of acknowledging, accepting, and prioritizing the maintenance of addiction recovery. This cycle helps the addict to remain conscious and affirm a better sense of responsibility for their recovery journey.


LifeRing Secular Recovery

This non 12 step recovery program, an offshoot of SOS, focuses primarily on self-help. The group offers support, but their approach to recovery focuses mainly on the addict’s determination to recover. The members share their experiences and struggles and provide encouragement and motivation to their peers. The LifeRing Secular Recovery program focuses on secularism, recovery, and empowerment for a successful recovery. 

Women for Sobriety

non 12 step recovery program

It is a secular non-profit organization to help women battling addiction and recovery. Women for Sobriety uses affirmations rather than steps and believes that women achieve sobriety primarily through emotional empowerment and self-help. 

Other Non 12 Step Recovery Program

Some non 12 step programs are even broader in their focus. For instance, Nootropics, also called cognitive enhancers in a more general sense, improve the overall brain functions. Nootropics such as Armodafinil not only help in enhancing cognition but help in addiction recovery based on facts and science. It reverses and regenerates the damage impacted on the brain by alcohol. Reports show that administering these medications can help with neurogenesis caused by alcohol.

Moreover, Armodafinil imparts a sense of motivation and boosts mood and energy that can combat relapse. Customers can buy Armodafinil 150 mg from HealthMatter online pharmacy. Customers do not require a prescription to order; moreover can avail of many benefits.



The chapter “We Agnostics” of the Alcoholics Anonymous book indicates recovery from addiction without having to believe in spirituality or supreme power. Moreover, the non religious 12 step program, SMART recovery, is an effective alternate for AA.

Many individuals have recovered through this approach. Moreover, the non 12 step program is the best option for secular or non-religious individuals.

Yes, the non 12 step programs maintain privacy with a safe and trusted environment.


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