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modafinil weight loss

modafinil weight loss

Last updated on 30 Nov, 2023

Modafinil can cause appetite suppression, thus leading to weight loss. It is not experienced by everyone taking the Nootropic and is also not considered an approved weight loss method.

Do the Modafinil weight loss stories and anecdotes make you wonder about its effectiveness and potential side effects? If so, then this comprehensive guide is for you. Ever since the evolution of the beauty and the cosmetic world, people have been obsessed with weight loss. However, there is more to losing weight than just its phenotypic effect on the human body. According to the CDC, 42.4% of Americans in 2020 were obese [1], and the American Medical Association identified it as a chronic disease. With several co-occurring and underlying health issues associated with this condition, people must lose weight and maintain a healthy life, but in the right way.

The Nootropic Modafinil for weight loss is a dynamic off-label use of the smart drug and has gained massive popularity over the last few years. So, let us have a better insight into the effect of Modafinil on weight loss and how it causes appetite suppression.

Modafinil For Weight Loss - Can Modafinil Cause Weight Loss | Know The Basic

Modafinil is a Nootropic commonly known for its eugeroic effects. Modalert is the brand drug of Modafinil and showcases similar effectiveness and potency. The Scientific Council of Oxford and Harvard Universities has awarded Modafinil smart drug as one of the safest Nootropics on the market [12]. Modafinil, along with its brand medications Modalert, Modvigil, and Provigil, is an effective brain stimulant and helps manage excessive daytime sleepiness.

Largely due to its safety profile, we see a huge shift in people who order Modalert tablets or Modafinil online without a prescription. This also encourages people looking for potential weight loss effects to take the Nootropic without any medical consultation.

Note that “Modafinil is not a fat-burning medication.” However, it helps by inducing other metabolic activities, which in turn aids in weight loss.

Modafinil Appetite Suppression- Scientific Reasonings

Modalert weight loss is scientifically backed by the following factors and theories.

  • Modafinil has antidepressant properties, which can be associated with significant appetite suppression and thus make the user eat less [2].

  • Another possible cause for loss of appetite can be its potency to enhance the production of several neurotransmitters in the body [3]. Modafinil 200mg elevates the level of histamine and orexin in the body, which are responsible for maintaining the person’s appetite.

  • The third clinical reason for Provigil weight loss could be its ability to increase dopamine secretion in the body, thus helping people stay motivated. It helps them stick to their diet plans and lose weight.

  • Modafinil enhances the energy level of the user. Therefore, with the highest energy, one can stay active, further helping to burn calories.

Modafinil Promotes Diet Discipline

Modafinil helps to lose fat by enforcing a strict diet routine. As the Nootropic increases the dopamine level, this, in turn, helps with avoiding the urge to snack on unhealthy junk food. One can expand the Modafinil appetite suppressant effects by integrating these:

  • As the use of the Nootropic affects the appetite, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to have a meal before the intake of the smart drug.

  • Modafinil is a diuretic drug; therefore, it can cause dehydration in the user. Thus, while using the Nootropic, the person should have more water.

Modafinil And Weight Loss- What Do Clinical Research Suggest?

In a study by Gydmer A. Perez et al., the use of Modafinil can reduce the feeling of hunger in day shift workers before the lunch break. In addition, others have reported that a single use of the Modafinil 200mg dose reduces the person’s food intake [5].




Another similar study evaluating Adderall and Modafinil suggests that both medications reduced overall calorie consumption. A second study by Angela P. Makris et al. states that using Modafinil for treating obesity is a potential and well-suited option. However, further studies with repeated dosing in the overweight population are necessary. This weight loss report also calls attention to Modafinil use having fewer side effects for weight loss than other anorectic agents [7].

Other studies that support the weight loss ability of Modafinil are listed below.



Modafinil-associated weight reduction in a clozapine-treated schizoaffective disorder patient, Ann Clin Psychiatry.

Modafinil, when taken with Clozapine, can result in notable weight loss.

Effects of open-label and double-blind cessation therapy of modafinil for atypical depression, NCBI.

Modafinil can cause significant weight loss in people with atypical depression.

Drugs for narcolepsy could help food addicts lose weight, ScienceDaily.

The study suggests the following-

  • Modafinil helps in reducing impulsivity in healthy people.

  • The Nootropics may be effective for people trying to manage their body weight.

  • Modalert, the brand drug of Modafinil, helps in enhancing self-control, which may make it an effective treatment aid for reducing weight.

Modafinil Vs. Phentermine For Weight Loss

Another popular medication known to assist weight loss is Phentermine. In a study published on the website Livestrong, Phentermine can induce roughly 3 to 6 lbs of weight loss in a person [4]. Moreover, it can cause rapid and unhealthy weight loss that might require medical attention.

A phase IV clinical study comparing the effectiveness of Modafinil and Phentermine was conducted on 71,123 people. The table below represents the effectiveness of both medications for weight based on the study report.



Not At All

2.56 %

2.54 %


17.69 %

19.47 %


33.36 %

36.24 %


32.63 %

29.45 %

Very High

13.76 %

12.31 %

Modafinil Weight Loss Dosage

The recommended Modafinil dose for weight loss is 200mg. However, it is essential to note that FDA has not approved the off-label use of Modafinil for weight loss. Therefore, one should buy Modafinil after consulting a physician.

Provigil And Weight Loss -Does Provigil Make You Loose Weight

Provigil is the brand drug of Modafinil, similar to Modalert and Modvigil. These Nootropics can boost dopamine levels identical to Modafinil and aid in weight loss. The person’s metabolism can increase by taking both these Nootropics, thus helping to lose weight [6].

How Much Weight Did You Lose On Provigil?

There is no exact number that can be said on how much weight is lost from Provigil. However, studies suggest that people lose about 40 lbs from taking Modafinil. It is also estimated that about 5lbs to 15lbs weight loss can be achieved from the treatment.

Guidelines For Taking Modafinil For Weight Loss

Following a proper diet and exercise is the best option to lose weight. Modafinil is not a weight loss medication but has shown significant weight loss in consumers.

There is no solid evidence to support these claims and mechanisms of action of Modafinil supporting its use for weight loss. People may use Modafinil as a weight-loss-supportive drug, but one cannot rely solely on this drug for a significant difference.

The intake of Modafinil is similar to most oral medications available on the market. The key features that one should take into consideration during the administration of the drug are-

  • Modafinil 200mg is available as oral tablets and thus should be taken by mouth.

  • Crushing and breaking the pill is not advisable.

  • The intake of meals before and after the consumption of the Nootropic is advisable.

  • One should take one Modafinil pill daily. Overdosing on the medication can cause severe side effects.

  • Doctors do not recommend the consumption of alcoholic beverages with Nootropic.

  • There is no long-term prescription use of Modafinil 200mg. After three weeks of use, one should discontinue taking the Nootropic. And after maintaining a gap period, you can restart the medication after consulting a physician.

Weight loss testimonials by users

The Modafinil weight loss reviews from different websites support its high efficacy. The user review of the Nootropic at WebMD has a rating out of 5. Most users suggest it is easy to use and has satisfactory results.


Modafinil Weight Loss Stories

A review on the Nootropic on Drugs website in March 2017 suggests that the person taking Modafinil dosage for ADHD experienced weight loss. Also, there was no sign of long-term side effects in the user.

A study by David C. Henderson et al. proposes that using Modafinil Nootropic resulted in 10lb weight loss in the patient [8]. A Modafinil weight loss story by a Reddit user [9] states to lose 16 lbs in one and half months of taking Modafinil doses. In addition, several Quora users [10] also claim to experience that Modafinil suppresses appetite.

Modafinil Side Effects - Weight Loss

Modafinil can cause mild side effects from improper dosing of the Nootropic. However, there are no reports of specific Modafinil weight loss side effects.

However, according to the FDA, several users do experience weight loss as a side effect of the Nootropic [11].

Some of the notable side effects of Modafinil apart from weight loss are headache, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, gas, insomnia, dry mouth, and heartburn. However, this is not a complete list of all the side effects of the Nootropic; if you experience any of these health issues, it is advisable to discontinue the medication immediately. In case the symptoms persist, the user should consult a doctor for proper medical attention.

Is Modafinil weight loss a good idea? Our Final Verdict

We can summarise this comprehensive study on ‘does Modafinil cause weight loss’ by stating that the Nootropic does not directly induce a fat reduction in the person. The weight loss experienced by patients is due to its impact on their metabolism and appetite.

The use of Modafinil for losing weight can result in an amalgamation of physical exercise, uninterrupted sleep, and a controlled diet. However, just the intake of the Nootropic for shredding extra kilos is not advisable.

Since using nootropics to lose weight is not a prescription benefit, one should administer Modafinil for weight loss only under the guidance of a physician.


Yes, the use of Modafinil smart drug can cause appetite suppression.

The use of Modafinil can cause weight loss due to numerous physiological factors.

There are no scientific reports on using the Modafinil dose to gain weight. It helps lose weight in consumers.

No, the primary efficacy of the Nootropic does not intend for weight loss. As such, the possibility of every consumer experiencing the effect is uncommon.

Based on the findings of a study, a person can lose up to 10 lb weight in over 6 weeks.

Yes, the use of Modafinil can cause induce increase in metabolism thus causing weight loss.

Yes, weight loss induced by Modafinil is believed to be its side effect as the Nootropic result in suppression of appetite.

Yes, Modafinil can cause loss of appetite.


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