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Modafinil For Hangover: A Beginners Guide

Modafinil For Hangover: A Beginners Guide

Last updated on 31 May, 2024

Modafinil can help reduce hangover symptoms, such as dizziness and excessive fatigue; 200 mg is the standard recommended dosage. However, the dosage might vary from person to person. 

Mixing Modafinil and Alcohol together is not suggested.  But the question arises: Is Modafinil suggested to cure hangovers? The beginner guide here suggests all the possibilities for treating the hangover symptoms with Modafinil or the alternatives used to cure a hangover. 

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a novel-drug class stimulant that helps to treat excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder.  The generic Modafinil tablets are also available under different brand names, such as Modalert, Modvigil, and Provigil [1]. 

Basics about Modafinil and Alcohol Hangover  

A hangover is a mental distress that is experienced after a person boozes. However, it varies from person to person depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. The symptoms of hangover might differ from person to person. The most common symptoms are-

  • Severe headache

  • Thirst

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Tremors

  • Weakness

Some of the mental and emotional issues that can arise are -

  • Depression

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Anxiety 

  • Decreased attention 

  • Irritability 

The symptoms are generally experienced within a day, but some people might experience them for 72 hours or more. During the hangover period, the ability to carry out certain tasks, productivity, and cognitive functions may be impaired. 

When an individual drinks too much alcohol, the unprocessed alcohol continuously circulates throughout the bloodstream, affecting the heart and brain. 

How To Cure Hangover With Modafinil?


Modafinil is a robust, smart drug and is well-known as a hangover cure by Wall Street gurus. Modafinil has been proven to lessen fatigue, extreme sleepiness, depression, and multiple sclerosis. The nootropic also assists alcoholics in reducing their alcohol intake and impulsivity.  

People can take Modafinil 100mg and 200mg as it has proven effects to override fatigue and exhaustion caused by the hangover, as suggested by the doctor. 

After a night's booze-up, people are exhausted and cannot be active throughout the day or at the workplace. For most people, it is a feeling of depression when a whole day is wasted.

The tablet helps you to be active throughout the day, even after a hangover.  However, you should not take the tablet at night as it might lead to insomnia, except for shift work sleep disorder [2].

What Are The AlternativesTo Cure Hangover Symptoms?

6 basic alternatives to cure hangover symptoms are given below:

1. Ample amount of sleep

 People who get a good night's sleep generally experience less severe effects. You should make sure that you get proper 7-hour sleep, as your sleep quality decreases after booze. 

Fatigue, severe headaches, and irritability are some of the symptoms that can arise from inadequate sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps you recover and alleviate the symptoms, making hangovers bearable. Additionally, the quantity and quality of sleep impact learning and memory. It can also affect your cognitive possibilities. 

2. Take a Good shower

To start the day on a good note, take a shower. Bathing creates the sensation of relaxation, warmth, and relief from fatigue. Several benefits of bathing include:

  • Improves heartbeat

  • Reduces anger, tension, anxiety, depression, and hostility 

  • Easy breathing 

  • Balancing the hormones

  • Enhances mental health 

The depressive symptoms due to a hangover decrease after a good morning shower.

3. Stay Hydrated always-

The functioning of the brain is always dependent upon your water intake. Better water intake always results in better test performance and memory attention. Besides that, we can state that dehydration negatively impacts individual cognitive abilities. Water consumption without alcohol after-effects helps the brain function well with proper clarity and creativity. Nootropics such as Modafinil boost the effects. 

However, drinking more alcohol leads to dehydration.  You should take a minimum of 1 glass of water per glass of alcohol. 

4. Maintain A Proper Diet

Besides rehydrating, maintaining a proper and healthy diet is also important for both mental and physical health. The brain requires healthy nutrients to function properly. The ability to concentrate and focus comes from a healthy diet that transforms into glucose, which flows from blood to the brain. 

5. Take Plenty Of Electrolytes

Sodium, potassium, and calcium are electrolytes necessary to maintain balanced water in the body. We get the electrolytes from the food and water we consume. The alcohol consumption depletes the electrolytes. An insufficient amount of electrolytes might lead to dizziness and excessive fatigue. The best sources of electrolytes are-

  • Pedialyte 

  • Coconut water

6. Take Best Supplemts-

You can take the best supplements that ease hangover symptoms as follows-

  • Prickly pear

  • Red Ginseng

  • Borage Oil 

  • Ginger

  • Eleuthero

Adverse Effects Of Taking Modafinil And Alcohol Together 

It is not suggested to mix Alcohol and Modafinil  together, as it might increase your blood pressure and cause breathing problems, dehydration, nausea, and anxiety 

Taking both substances together might put undue stress on the liver, as both alcohol and Modafinil are metabolised in the liver. 

Modafinil For Hangover: Our Final Outlook

Alcohol causes excessive fatigue and slows down cognitive possibilities. Modafinil, as a stimulant, helps in the activation and elimination of excessive fatigue and helps you to remain active after a hangover. However, mixing both substances together is restricted.


Modafinil is a central nervous system stimulant that helps to treat excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder.

Modafinil 200mg is the standard recommended dosage.

Modafinil works in the brain by increasing certain chemical neurotransmitters such as orexin, histamine, serotonin, and dopamine.

Modafinil's half-life is 12-15 hours, so the medication's effects last about 24-30 hours. The medication requires 4-5 half-lives to be completely removed from the system, which takes 60-75 hours.

Modafinil takes 30 minutes to kick in after administration.


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