Is using social media bad for our mental health?

Science and technology are now making our world a global village. Now it is easy to get connected with the whole world. We can get any news or information around the globe within a second. Various social media platforms are also available which can help us to talk with our friends from anywhere. Though the emergence of social media helps us in various ways, yet it can make a negative impact on our mental health.
Various types of mental health issues we may have to suffer from because of social media addiction. Because of the addiction to the internet or social media, nowadays, most of the teens get disconnected from the real world. So here we are discussing the impact of social media on our mental health.

Internet addictionInternet addiction

Internet addiction is a common issue for millennials. There are various types of issues we have to follow because of internet addiction. Internet addiction has the same symptoms as other symptoms like withdrawal symptoms. The addition of the internet to science and technology has a great impact on the development of human civilization. The Internet can help us in education and also perk up the interpersonal relationship. But excessive use of the internet also can decrease the ability to communicate with people. Depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, etc. are some of the issues which are caused because of internet addiction. There are various types of internet features we can use for our goodness. But we mostly use social media platforms because of which we have to suffer from various types of mental health issues. So here we are going to discuss 5 negative impacts of using social media excessively.
5 negative impacts of using social media.

Human connections

Excessive use of social media can make us cut our connection with the real world. When you are suffering from issues like depression, anxieties, etc, then you need to talk with your friends or family. Sharing can help you to get relief from your mental health issue. But nowadays, you may also so much acquired by social media because of which you may not get time to talk with our people.

Low self-esteem

We all have some insecurities within us which can sometimes make us suffer from issues like depression, anxiety, etc. But because of the use of social media, these insecurities are boosted up and make our self-esteem low. In social media, it seems that except our lives, everyone is happy, beautiful and successful, etc. Because our self-esteem becomes lower and it can make a negative impact on our lifestyle also. We may have to lose our self-confidence also.

Enjoying the moments

social mediaNowadays, most of us forget to enjoy the best moments of our lives as we all are busy posing for social media. These days, it is not important if we are happy or not, but clicking pictures and posting those on social media is more important. We are so busy clicking pictures to post on social media that we get to enjoy the very moment.

Lack of sleep

Social media addiction also can make you sleep deprived. When we use social media, we give all the attention to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Using social media can keep our brain in high alert. If you are a social media user and are suffering from the issue of sleeplessness, then you can try one trick. You should keep away your phone for 40 minutes at least before going to sleep.

Social media anxiety

It is another common issue which is seen among the social media user. People who use social media excessively, they cannot stay away from it for a long time. If they have to stay away from browsing social media, then they may have to face anxiety. They become anxious when they cannot browse their social media account.


Every scientific invention happens because of the wellness of human civilization. But those can make some negative impact on our lives if we don’t use it properly. Social media also can make a negative impact on our mental health if we use those excessively. So if you want to enjoy the goodness of using social media then you should use it in the boundary. Never become a social media addict. Thus you can stay away from the negative impact of social media.

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