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How Much Does An Urgent Care X-Ray Cost?

How Much Does An Urgent Care X-Ray Cost?

Last updated on 28 Sep, 2022

Many medical conditions are examined and diagnosed by X-rays. The X-ray costs you depending on the level of examination and insurance factor. The cost may vary in different clinics. Urgent care centers are the most affordable option when seeking out diagnostic procedures. Urgent care X-ray cost is cheaper compared to other X-ray clinics. Here is a brief guide to saving further costs when getting an X-ray. 

What is an X-ray? 

X-rays are high-energy electromagnetic radiations that penetrate through the body called radiographs. For instance, x-rays can detect broken bones and fractures and help discover the causes of chest pain.

When is an X-ray needed?

X-ray is not always necessary for all kinds of injuries and illnesses. Many patients request X-rays when they’re not needed. Twists and sprains are common examples when an X-ray could be unnecessary. When you experience severe muscle, tendon, or ligament damage, it leads to soft tissue damage. Such conditions won’t show up on an X-ray. You may want to request an X-ray only if you’ve had a knee injury and cannot bear weight on that leg.

Sometimes, an X-ray could be essential, and you shouldn’t refuse it. If you’ve injured your ankle or wrist, the pain feels worse than your average sprain. In this case, an X-ray could be essential for spotting signs of a fracture. X-rays can also help to detect severe conditions such as pneumonia. In addition, if you’re experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, and a fever.

It’s best to follow the recommendation of medical professionals always when determining whether to get an X-ray or not. If a doctor insists on getting an X-ray, you probably should. If they seem confident that it isn’t necessary, there’s probably no point pursuing one.

How much does an urgent care X-ray cost?

Urgent care clinics tend to charge less for an X-ray for a hospital. At an urgent care clinic, X-rays for arteries and veins may not be possible. It may require visiting a specialist hospital. Fractures and chest pain can be examined at an urgent care clinic.

The urgent care X-ray cost varies depending on the area of the body being examined. It may cost between $100 and $1000. The expected price for a hand or wrist X-ray is less than $200. For a chest X-ray, the expected cost can be over $300. These are just rough estimates, and one should not consider them fixed costs.

The technologist operating the machine may take multiple X-rays in one sitting. These should all be included in the same price. A radiologist will then look at these X-rays and interpret the results to help diagnose if there is an issue or not. The cost helps cover the use of the machine and time spent processing and analyzing the results.

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Will my insurance cover my X-ray?

If you’re insured, you likely won’t have to pay anything for your X-ray out of your pocket. Most health insurance providers fully cover X-rays – you may only have to pay a small deductible and possibly co-insurance if your insurance coverage doesn’t include this. You will have to pay the deductible and co-insurance before your insurer pays.

If you are unsure whether your insurance scheme covers X-rays, you can always call them to confirm before seeking out this procedure.

Why visit an urgent care center for an X-ray?

Urgent care centers provide a range of healthcare services at lower costs, such as an X-ray. Their specialization is to provide minor injuries and illnesses, which is cost-effective. Urgent care centers are not only beneficial for cheaper X-rays but also beneficial for faster than usual to get an appointment. They allow patients to contact the center, and you can get to know your turn through email or text. It will help to avoid the wait in a crowded place rather can wait at your home. 

An urgent care clinic may offer a more precise and detailed breakdown of the costs than a hospital and offer support regarding payment options, which could be helpful if you’re uninsured.

Side effects of X-rays

Although X-rays are a boon to humankind that can help detect the cause and localize the health issue, we should avoid X-rays. According to an article posted on Medical News Today, X-rays can cause mutations in the DNA pattern. It can result in cancer in the future. WHO and the US government have classified X-rays as carcinogens (an agent capable of causing cancer).

Therefore to avoid such negative impacts, we should try alternate medications and prevent the causes of pain as early as possible. You may notice symptoms of body pain after an X-ray is done. Moreover, acute and chronic pain can also inflict signs of fatigue and tiredness.

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The cost of an X-ray depends on a few factors: Insurance: Until you meet your deductible, there is a high charge to get an X-ray done. Additional tests: Sometimes, further tests are essential depending on the type of injury or illness. Medications: Medications may be needed if the pain level increases to feel comfortable.

The provider will go through the report and advise accordingly. If the injury is minor, you will get treatment in the urgent care clinic. In case of any severe issue, the provider will recommend visiting a specialist.

According to the guidelines issued by the Urgent Care Association in America in 2009, X-ray is a must-have facility in all urgent care clinics.


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