Excessive sleep disorders & 5 ways to stay awake

Excessive sleep disorder is not a disorder itself but it is the outcome of some other disorders. These can harm us by reducing our active energy because when you feel sleepy all the time, you cannot perform at your work. There are different ways are available which can help us to stay awake. You also can take the help of smart drugs to stay awake Provigil smart drug and active. Provigil can be a good solution for you as a smart drug because it is very effective in enhancing wakefulness. Provigil is the first brand version of Modafinil that also got the approval of the FDA in 1998. It is easily available in the market now.

In this blog, first, we take a look at three different types of sleep disorders which can make you sleepy in the daytime. Later on, we will also discuss how to stay awake even when you are suffering from an excessive sleep disorder.

3 different types of sleep disorder

1. Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder. When a person suffering from this issue, he or she is unable to sleep at night and that makes then sleepy during the working hours of the daytime. The narcolepsy patients may also have to fight with the issue of hallucination. When you feel that you are suffering from this problem, you should immediately take the help of the doctor,

2. Sleep apnea

Another common sleep disorder is sleep apnea that also can stop people from getting sleep at night. In this issue, the oxygen level in the body reduces and then the central nervous system sends signals to the brain and therefore we have to stay awake. As we have to stay awake at night, it is obvious that it can make us sleepy in the daytime. Try to stay awakeavoid this issue as it also can negatively impact our working energy.

3. Shift work sleep disorder

This issue of sleep disorders is seen in those who are engaged with shift work. As they have odd hours of working, their sleep cycle is also not normal and therefore they have to fight with excessive sleepiness during the working hours also.

So, these three are the issues which can make you suffer from an excessive sleep disorder. Now we are going to discuss 5 ways to stay awake even when we are suffering from these disorders.

5 tips to stay awake while working

  1. Move your body after a while to stay awake and active. By moving your body, the blood circulation from your body to the brain can be regulated which can help us to stay active and awake. The experts say that a ten minutes quick walk can provide you more energy than a protein hour. The energy you get from the walk is also long-lasting that can keep you awake for a longer period. So when you feel sleepy at your work, walk around your office.
  2. To stay awake during the working hours, it is very important to get enough sleep at night. To get sound sleep at night, maintain sleep hygiene. Stay away from those things which can distract you from getting sound sleep at night. Make your sleep environment suitable for you with dim light and soundproof. Along with that, if you feel that you are suffering from any sleep disorders mentioned above, then get the help of sleep experts.
  3. Doing regular exercise also can help you to stay awake in the daytime. It can keep you active for the whole day long and also you can get sound sleep at night. Exercise also can make your thinking process sharper than before. Try to perform your daily exercise in the daylight which is more beneficial. Take out 30 minutes every morning to do daily exercise. Don’t do exercise near bedtime. Near bedtime, you can do normal stretching or yoga.
  4. You also have to take care of your eating habits if you want to stay awake and active during the daytime. In staying awake in the daytime, you can take the help of green tea which has caffeine in the proper amount. To get enough sleep at night, near bedtime, try to avoid caffeine, sugar or alcohol. Taking a glass of milk or yogurt or almond can help you to get sound sleep at night.
  5. During the working hours, when you feel sleepy, to divert your mind, talk with your colleagues which can boost yup wakefulness in you immediately. If you see that your colleagues are busy, you can also talk to your friends by using your phone. Listening to music also can help you to boost up your wakefulness.

These are some of the ways that you can try to boost up wakefulness in you. To stay awake while working, you also can try Provigil. Try Provigil to stay awake and active.

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