8 ways you should follow to control your anxiety

8 ways you should follow to control your anxiety | best drug for anxiety

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue that is seen in people. It is a feeling of uneasiness and fear. Anxiety can affect the quality of life of a person. Therefore it is important to take medical help in managing such a condition. However, what is the best drug for anxiety? One of the recommended remedies for treating anxiety by most physicians is the use of Modvigil 200mg. It is the brand version of the generic Modafinil and has a deep impact on the brain activity of the person. In this article, we discuss Modvigil 200mg as one of the best drugs for anxiety along with other effective ways to improve the condition of the person.

Modvigil 200mg for anxiety

The Modvigil is a Nootropic that works by acting on the brain of the person. The effect of Modvigil on the brain helps in managing the secretion of hormones namely dopamine and histamine that improve the brain activity of the person. It is the best drug for anxiety as it raises the level of dopamine in the body and helps in improving the mood of the person. It is also observed to also help in calming the mind of the person. This makes the use of Modvigil a great option for better mental well-being. Nootropic is usually the second line of treatment for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. It is prescribed to people who do not respond to the first line of treatment for this condition. It is the best drug for anxiety as it is helpful for office workers. Such people can get relief from the condition within 20 to 30 minutes of taking the Nootropic. People who want to buy Modalert 200mg can choose Healthmatter and get the Nootropic at an affordable price with express free shipping within 5 to 7 days.

Can anxiety be controlled naturally?

Anxiety is a feeling that results from how our body responds naturally to stress, fear, worry, and uneasiness. There are various natural remedies to manage anxiety. Health providers map natural remedies as the safest way of managing anxiety. Let us discuss here the 8 amazing natural ways to cope with anxiety.

Meditation to cope with anxiety

Starting your day by doing meditation can help you to stay away from various types of health issues. Especially by doing meditation, you can soothe your mind and brain. So it can help you to stay away from issues like depression, anxiety, worry, etc. Doing meditation can make a deep impact in easing overall anxiety. It can help you to be in the present and you can see things from a different perspective. To control your anxiety, the best way to do meditation is by focusing on your breathing.

Sleep well to avoid panic attacks

To manage anxiety disorder, it is very important to sleep well. If you are deprived of sleep it can make you suffer from various types of issues like anxiety, depression, worry, etc. If you are already suffering from anxiety, then you need to get a good night’s sleep. According to the researchers, when you lack sleep, it activates the brain regions which are associated with extreme worrying and also activates the brain areas which are related to emotional processing. So try your best to get sound sleep to stay away from anxiety issues.

Control your caffeine intake

When we feel worried or tired, we tend to drink coffee or caffeine. But drinking more caffeine drinks can make you suffer from mood disorders like depression, anxiety, etc. Caffeine can strengthen the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. If you are already suffering from anxiety, then you should reduce your caffeine intake. Don’t quit your caffeine intake suddenly but reduce it gradually. In addition to taking caffeine, the use of Modvigil is also effective. It is considered to be one of the best drugs for anxiety as it helps improve the mood of the person along with boosting cognitive ability.

Spend some quality time with yourself

Anxiety arises because of the fear of facing the events of our lives. When you try to run away from your problems, then you have to suffer from an anxiety issue. To stay away from the issue of anxiety, you should spend some quality time with yourself. It helps you control your anxiety. By talking to yourself, you can find out the solution to your problems that are making you anxious. Smart drugs for anxiety are a key off-label usage of the smart drug. Nootropics are considered to be the best drug for anxiety for their effectiveness and are highly tolerant. Thus they have a low chance of causing side effects in the user.

Write down your thoughts

When you talk to someone about your problems, it helps you to fight your problem easily. It can be effective when you are anxious also. When you are suffering from anxiety, there are lots of thoughts coming to your mind. To control your anxiety, you should write down your thoughts. Writing down your though can give you clarity about your thoughts. Thus it also can help you to control your anxiety. We need to stop anxiety and stop negative thoughts in our minds.

Chew gum to avoid feeling anxious

To control your anxiety, you can take the help of chewing gum. According to a study, by chewing, gum one can improve their sense of well-being and also reduce the stress level. Chewing gum can cause brain waves similar to relaxed people. Chewing a piece of gum also can promote blood flow to the brain. Thus, it helps you to control your anxiety symptoms.

Laugh out loud

Laughing out loud also can help you to reduce anxiety symptoms. By laughing, you can decrease stress response and also can offer you relief from muscle tension. Laughing also can enhance your immune system as well as your mood. Thus laughing out can help you to come out from anxiety. When you feel tensed or anxious, try to watch a funny TV show to improve your mood.

Information on proper food intake

Though we think that foods only can make an impact on our physical health, foods can make an impact on our mental health also. When anxiety hits, our appetite may change which can make us crave certain foods. But when you are anxious, then also you should avoid having unhealthy food. You should have those foods which are rich in nutrients like vitamin B and omega-3s, plus some healthy whole-grain carbohydrates that can reduce your anxiety symptoms. Some of these foods can control serotonin levels which can make you calm. To control your anxiety, you should cut out sugary and processed foods from your diet.

What is the 3-3-3 rule for generalized anxiety disorder?

The 3-3-3 rule is a mental trick to control generalized anxiety disorder. This rule helps to unshackle the mind from unhealthy emotions and reinstate it to the present moment. Implement this rule whenever you want to stop negative thoughts. According to the 3-3-3 golden rule:

  • Look around you and point out three things you see
  • Point and name out the three sounds you hear
  • Then move three parts of the body – hands, feet, or fingers

How can I instantly control anxiety?

Some of the effective and instant solutions to managing the issue of stress and anxiety at work are-

  • Taking Nootropic for anxiety such as Modvigil 200mg which is one of the best drugs for anxiety
  • Try deep breathing techniques
  • Count backward to divert your mind and attention
  • Think of something funny or something that makes you happy

If the condition persists and shows no improvement then one should consult a doctor for better benefits and assistance.


The information specified here is collected from reliable and authoritative sources. We do not claim any of the information shared here. Our team at Healthmatter tries its best to provide you with genuine and factual information. Moreover, any information regarding medication and its administration should be consulted by a health expert.

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