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alternatives to caffeine to stay active

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

Most of us start our day with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. It is what we look up to when struggling to be alert at our workplace. Staying lively is very important to be able to function well in our day-to-day life. We all have goals and targets at work. To be able to meet all the deadlines at the end of the month is very important and it is only possible when the person is alert. However, with the hectic life that we all are living it becomes very difficult for the person to be able to be alert at all times.

There are times when the body of the person breaks down and the person is not able to function well. These are times when we most look up to caffeine to be lively and function well. However, is it healthy to drink coffee caffeine beverages to be alert at all times? If not, then what are the alternative ways that will help you to be lively? If you too are struggling to be alert and are looking for a caffeine substitute then review this article that will help you find options that will help you to stay awake and alert.

Stay active with Artvigil

To work properly, it is very important to stay active and alert. Feeling tired is natural and cannot be avoided. What can be done is boost the lost energy and get back to doing our daily activities. To enhance active energy, we can take the help of Nootropics. Artvigil is an effective Nootropic that you can use as your activeness enhancer. Several different Nootropics are available in the market. Artvigil 150mg is one such Nootropic that is proven to enhance activeness in users. It is the brand version of the generic Armodafinil which is also commonly considered as the upgraded version of Modafinil. Artvigil enhances our activeness by stimulating the neurons in the brain and increasing the level of dopamine in the body. Users can get Artvigil from online Pharmacies with several customer benefits. Artvigil online sales are recurrent and are occasionally conducted by pharmacies including Healthmatter to offer this Nootropic at a discounted price. The onset of the action of the Artvigil Nootropic begins in 30 minutes and its action is seen to last for 12 to 14 hours in the user. This thus enables users to stay active and perform well all day long.

Why give up on coffee?

alternatives to caffeine to stay active

I know many articles state the health benefits of the use of coffee. But this is still controversial. The main issue of having too many cups of coffee is linked to the presence of caffeine. I am not asking you to stop having coffee but it is very important to limit its use. Here are a few side effects that occur in people who take excessive cups of coffee all through the day.


Caffeine helps to be awake as it is very helpful to increase the alertness of the person. It works by blocking a brain chemical known as adenosine that is responsible for making you feel tired. It is seen that drinking too many times can lead to anxiety issues and nervousness in the person.


Caffeine is very helpful to keep the person alert. Everyone knows the ability of coffee to stimulate the brain and help them be awake. Therefore the intake of coffee can affect the sleep of the person and make it very difficult for the person to be able to sleep at night. Thus it is very important to cut off the intake of the coffee afternoon.

Muscle breakdown

The intake of excessive caffeine can cause muscle breakdown in the person. Rhabdomyolysis is a condition where the damaging of the muscle fiber takes place. This condition leads to causing muscle strain, infection, trauma, etc. however several reports show that excessive use of coffee can lead to causing Rhabdomyolysis in a person.

High blood pressure

Along with helping the person to be alert many reports show that the use of caffeine can increase the level of blood pressure in a person. This is mainly due to its stimulatory effect on the nervous system of the person. However, it is important to note that the effect of coffee on the blood pressure of the person is only limited to a short time. Therefore it is very important to limit the drink coffee amount in a day. So now we are discussing some healthier options than coffee. These caffeine alternatives are healthier options also. 

Alternatives to caffeine to stay active

alternatives to caffeine to stay active

As seen above there are many factors that can affect the health of a person. So here are a few alternatives to coffee that will help you to be awake and alert throughout the day. They are not just good for your health but also taste good. These foods are good for our health also. So here are a few options you-


 As per the trusted source, 70% of the body of the person is made of water. Therefore to be able to function well, the person needs to be hydrated. Each cell of the person along with the organs takes in water to function well. Drinking water can help to control blood sugar levels also. Therefore, to be lively, having enough water is very important instead of a cup of coffee.

Dark chocolates– 

To be alert and awake, what can be better than having dark chocolates? This is mainly because dark chocolates contain theobromine that is present in the dark chocolates and helps the person to be lively all through the day. The use of dark chocolates also is very helpful in boosting mental alertness in the person. Also, a report that is in the journal of neuro regulation, shows that the use of dark chocolate increases the attention span of the person. Also, the use of hot chocolate is very effective to make you alert compared to coffee.

alternatives to caffeine to stay active

Some more healthy coffee alternatives to stay active

Green tea for energy

Regarding health benefits, green tea is a great coffee alternative. The caffeine content of green tea is less than coffee. Therefore it is a better alternative to coffee to be awake and alert. Also, 2 to 3 cups of it have the same amount of caffeine that is present in a single cup of coffee. This is also a rich resource of antioxidants for which it is healthier than coffee or other caffeine beverages. There are various potential health benefits of this beverage. Drink green tea and enjoy its benefits.

Black tea

This is also a healthy caffeine alternative to coffee. Just like green tea, the amount of caffeine that is present in black tea is less than that of coffee. Therefore, if you are not up for green tea then you can choose to be lively by having this beverage. Some other purported health benefits of this beverage are enhancing heart health, improving gut health, reducing blood sugar, etc.

Apple juice or apple cider vinegar

Apple is one of the best ways that help a person to be alert. It contains fructose which is the simplest form of sugar that helps the person to be awake. The intake of apples helps to stimulate the brain of the person. Instead of coffee, to be alert you can drink a glass of apple juice or apple cider vinegar which can offer you the awakening effect that is similar to coffee.

Regular exercise

Doing regular exercise can also help you by keeping you lively. It is a healthy habit using which you can feel alive without a cup of coffee. Just like coffee, do regular physical activity in the morning, and you can see that it makes you feel good for the day long.

Smart drugs for excessive sleep

The use of medicine like nootropics is very useful in stimulating the brain of the person. The use of nootropics for sleep issues is approved by the FDA. The smart drug that is recommended to all people is the use of Artvigil smart drug. The Artvigil smart drugs affect the hypothalamus region of the brain which is very important to keep the person alive. The intake of Artvigil smart drugs helps in the induction of hormones such as histamine and dopamine which is very important to keep the person alert. So if you wish to be alert and want a faster way, then try the use of Artvigil smart drugs which are very effective.

Disclaimer: always tries to offer genuine content to the readers. Yet it cannot guarantee the authenticity of this blog as the information mentioned here is collected from other sources available online. To be alert and awake, before taking any medicine, you should take medical help.

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